Smallmouth Bass Gear, Flies and Equipment
The fly fishing gear, flies and equipment you use to catch smallmouth bass varies with the season and type of water you fish. Good
quality is essential to your success. You are at a big enough disadvantage finding, fooling the bass into taking your fly and landing
the fish. You don't want to waste time using inadequate or low quality gear, equipment or flies.

The equipment, consist primarily of the tackle you use - fly rod, reel, rod case and bag, fly line and backing, leaders and tippet. It
can also include fish finders, GPS units, boats, and tube floats.  

Gear consist of clothing and rain gear, fly boxes and storage, vest or xxxx, waders, wading boots, wading accessories,, landing
nets, fly floatants and sinkants, strike indicators, and accessories such as nippers, zingers, forcepts, etc.

Flies consist of streamers and flies that imitate nymphs, crustaceans such as crayfish, frogs, minnows, sculpin and baitfish.

Smallmouth Bass Tackle and Equipment:
The page includes information on the following:
Fly rods
Fly reels
Fly line backing
Fly line
Boats for smallmouth bass fishing
Tube floats
GPS receivers, plotters and combo units

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Gear and Clothing:
This page includes information on the following:
Clothing and rain gear
Fly boxes and storage containers
Vest and Packs
Waders, wading boots and wading accessories
Landing nets
Fly foatants and sinkants
Fly fishing tools and accessories

Smallmouth Bass Flies:
This page includes information on the following type of smallmouth bass flies.
Crayfish Flies
Poppers (Hair)
Baitfish Imitations
Diving and Sliding Flies and Bugs
Terrestrial Insects
Foam Poppers
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Smallmouth Bass Fishing
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